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Our Firm's Philosophy

Family Law cases are among some of the most difficult and contentious cases that exist.  They are frequently very emotional and highly conflicted.  The Family Law attorney has many tasks, including educating the client concerning the dissolution process; explaining the various options available with the ramifications of each; assisting the client during this difficult time in his/her life; offering the client resources to deal with difficult transitions; handling the case to its conclusion in a competent and professional manner; and hopefully resolving the case without the necessity of litigation, but if such is not possible, then zealously representing the client in court.


Because many people believe they may be unable to afford an attorney to fully represent them with their divorce case, we make every effort to work with clients who are moderate income earners.  This may include offering retainer payment plans; a sliding fee scale for fees; limited representation or unbundled legal services; etc.  In addition, to save fees and costs, and because legal matters can be a financial burden, we also encourage client involvement and assistance throughout the case, such as encouraging the client to make his/her own copies; obtaining documents from the court, if needed; delivering documents (vs. using a courier service); assisting in putting together exhibit books for trial; initial contact with witnesses; etc. 


In addition to legal representation, the firm also provides Mediation services to pro-se and represented couples, designed to resolve cases without the necessity of protracted litigation.  Many cases can be successfully mediated, thus saving thousands of dollars in attorney fees and costs, as well as emotional harm to families and children.

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