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Retainers and Fees

The fees and retainers vary with the level of service desired by the client.


A "retainer" is a specified sum of money for Full Representation that a client pays prior to the commencement of work on his/her case.  The retainer is deposited into a special Trust Account, called a COLTAF account, which is governed by the State of Colorado, with the funds therein designated for the benefit of the client. A bill will be issued each month to the client for the time and expenses incurred on his/her case during that month; with the amount of the bill deducted from the client’s Trust Account balance.  In the event that the client’s Trust Account balance drops to an amount below $500.00, the client will be asked to replenish his/her retainer to the original amount, within ten (10) days. The amount of the retainer will be based on the complexity of the matter and estimated work necessary to handle the case.


A retainer of $3,500-5,000 is not uncommon, and if a case is particularly contentious or complex (which may require such things as multiple hearings; Expert Witnesses; Business Valuations, child-related evaluations by a CFI or PRE, etc.), then the retainer will be higher than a completely non-contested case, in which case a lesser retainer would be required. The exact amount of the retainer will be discussed and determined at the Initial Consultation.


A retainer is generally not required for Limited Representation or Unbundled Legal Services – Instead, the client pays for a specific service or task prior to commencement of work on same. However, if there are multiple tasks to be done on a case, the Client may be required to pay a reduced retainer to cover the time set aside for those tasks.


Fees are based on the hourly rate of the attorney or paralegal. Currently, the standard fee for attorney time is $275/hr., with paralegal time billed at $115/hr. A sliding fee scale may be offered to Clients with moderate means, with the qualification of same to be determined at the ½ hr. Initial Consultation, based on household income and the circumstances of the case.


Costs are out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of a client in a case (such as mileage to and from Court; copies; FAX’s; postage; etc.), which are in addition to fees – Costs will be either included in the monthly bill for Full Representation clients, or will be paid up front for clients electing Limited Representation or Unbundled Legal Services.


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